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RiverPark Condominium , located at 239 Duke Street in Norfolk, VA, is home to 44 condominiums in two separate but closely positioned four story buildings comprising an entire city block. The development fronts on a boat basin along the Elizabeth River and is positioned within the historic Freemason neighborhood adjacent to the heart of downtown Norfolk. Two important neighbors are the USS Wisconsin and the Pagoda Park. Click the About Us button to learn more about RiverPark Condominium and our community.

The condominium is governed by a three person Board of Directors of the Unit Owner's Association. A President and Vice President are elected annually by the board. The officer team also includes a Treasurer and Secretary appointed by the board. A Covenants Committee is responsible for investigating violations of by-laws and rules. Click the Officers/Rules button to contact any officer or the Covenants Committee and to access the condominium by-law documents and other rules.

Condominium operations are managed by Cavalier Land, Inc. Their office is located at 234 W. Bute Street, three blocks to the north off Duke Street. They coordinate condominium maintenance, collect condominium dues and pay our bills, and prepare monthly financial statements. Click the Management Company button for more information about Cavalier Land, including an easy way to report maintenance needs.

Important condominium business is conducted at our annual meetings in September. Click on Annual Reports for minutes of past meetings as well as balance sheets, income statements, reserves summaries, and annual dues calculations.

To find contact information for our owners and tenants, click on the Directory button.

Electronic communication continues to grow in popularity due to convenience and quickness. To help the residents of RiverPark Condominium communicate with each other, click on Bulletin for a bulletin board that accepts posts of new topics or questions and allows for replies.

This website is designed primarily for the use of the unit owners at RiverPark Condominium. As such, all private or confidential information is password protected . If you have forgotten your password, contact any board member or click Here to reach the website administrator.



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